Our Approach

We believe in creating exceptional consumer experiences, using nothing but high-quality products, providing knowledge-driven consultation, in a inviting, comfortable, and safe environments, through a socially responsible brand we can be proud of!

Our Story

Eufloria is the one of the first true franchising brands of cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Started by an entrepreneurial group of retired veterans, we believe in building exceptional investments for those seeking to invest and thrive in a growing legal market!

Meet the Team

Our leadership is built from retail experts,  serial entrepreneurs, and operators that love delivering exceptional services for our customers and franchisees!


Eric Dangler

Co-Founder & CEO


David Farmos

Co-Founder & Franchisee


Timothy Borgmann

Co-Founder & COO


Alec Hill

Director of Marketing


James Schellhorn

Co-Founder & Board Advisor


Jeff Doolittle

Site Developer

Next Steps...

We’re confident that, as a Eufloria franchisee, you have the greatest opportunity to build a successful business in the rapidly growing market of cannabis!