The Cannabis Market

The cannabis market continues to grow exponentially. A cannabis store can boast the best retail per square foot of any franchise opportunity available to date!


Availability coming to all 50 States

The opportunity is surging in new states recently after legalization. Oklahoma is a new and viable market but is one of many with exceptional opportunity for franchisees.


The Eufloria Franchise

Franchising with Eufloria not only helps you maximize opportunity as the market grows today but helps you protect your investment and grow it as it matures.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission:

To help each client reach their personal Eufloria.

We Value:

  • Exceptional Consumer Experiences
  • High-quality Products
  • Knowledge-driven consultation
  • Inviting, comfortable, and safe store environments
  • Legal & regulatory-compliant business practices
  • High-performing, profitable operations

Why Franchise Your Cannabis Dispensary?


Quickly Meet Demand

Demand in mature legalized markets is still very healthy. Emerging markets offer even more opportunity! We help you open faster, pinpoint the right market, recommend an ideal product mix, run promotions, and assist with a pricing plan!


Beat Your Competition

Hundreds of dispensaries open monthly. With us, you will excel in your market! Eufloria empowers you with a winning brand, business plan, and marketing support to drive a clear competitive advantage.


Optimize Your Operations

A healthy business needs world-class training, operational support, and intelligence! We provide an experienced team of consultants to help train and support your successful dispensary operation!

Address Regulation

Regulatory law and compliance are the greatest liabilities to your dispensary business. Eufloria helps dispensaries meet compliance today as well as keeping you informed of changes that may impact your business.


Exceptional Franchise Services

Turn-Key Dispensary with Eufloria

Learn more about the services we offer to help ensure our franchisees have the best the best brand in the market!

Building Success Together!

We appreciate the opportunity to help you build a successful investment in the cannabis market!

We’re confident that, as a Eufloria franchisee, you have the greatest opportunity to build a successful business in the rapidly growing market of cannabis!