Eufloria’s Route 66 Tulsa was recent featured in the news!

Cited from Channel 8, ABC –

Last week, a 24-hour dispensary opened right here in Tulsa, and the owners say the risk is worth the wait.

The store sits on the east side of Tulsa near 11th and Garnett in an area littered with vacant buildings, an area known for its crime.

“Although it was rough in the beginning as far as security, it has paid off,” Eric Dangler, the CEO of Eufloria Dispensary, said.

Knowing the possible risks, veterans Dangler and Timothy Borgmann opened their dispensary, Eufloria.

The store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which isn’t typical for most dispensaries and could even be looked at as dangerous, but the owners aren’t worried.

“With any business, you could possibly have someone come in and interfere with your business,” Borgmann, the Chief Operations Manager for the dispensary said.

Eufloria was honored to be featured recently on Tulsa’s own, Channel 8 News, ABC affiliate. While opening a 24 hour business could be considered by some as a risky endeavor, Eufloria’s own CEO, Eric Dangler, and COO, Tim Borgmann, are not only excited to offer Tulsa’s first 24 hour dispensary, but are glad to be able to support a local community in east Tulsa with a high-quality, medicinal focused shop and contribute tax revenue back into it’s local neighborhood!

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